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Q&A with Bratton Law Group – Part Two


Last week we posted the Q&A article printed in this month’s South Jersey Magazine, answering clients commonly asked questions relating to the ever so important topics of real estate and estate planning. As promised, partners John Rothamel and Charles Bratton will continue this Q&A over the next two weeks.

Part Two:

Q: As a real estate attorney, what does your office do to help navigate a buyer or seller through a real estate transaction? 

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A: For most clients, a home is their largest assets. So, when it comes to buying or selling, having an attorney oversee the process is important. According to Rothamel, there are so many parties involved—the real estate agent, title agency, mortgage broker, inspectors—none of whom can provide legal advice. “We offer neutrality in a way that protects clients’ best interests. From the contract review to the settlement table, our team works with all parties, negotiating home inspection and related repairs, reviewing settlement documents and ensuring charges are fair, reasonable and accurate.” Having an attorney may not be required but it is a nice insurance policy to have someone who can quickly recognize and resolve any issues, and efficiently address hurdles that arise through a transaction. -John Rothamel, Real Estate Attorney

Check back Wednesday for Charles Bratton’s Part 3 question, Are there ways to protect assets from long term care costs if a parent or loved one may need nursing home care in the future?

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