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Veteran Spotlight: Robert W. Schickling


In honor of Veterans Day, we caught up with our client who is an Army Veteran, Robert “Bob” Schickling.

Branch of Service: Army

Length of Service: 2 Years (1960-1962)

Most Memorable Experience:
Bob remembers his voyage to Korea. He said he traveled for about 17 days by boat and was lucky enough to spend one afternoon in Japan on his way over. He remembers it like it was yesterday. He had $25 in his pocket and visited a traditional Kabuki Theater where he was impressed by the elaborate make-up and glamorous costumes worn by the performers.

Life in the Service: Bob repaired missiles while in the Army. He said he was fortunate to have this job because he was able to see more of Korea than others. He remembers the mountain tops he saw and the beautiful views of the shorelines. He thought of himself as lucky to be able to travel throughout Korea to repair missiles.

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Life After Service: When asked to describe how he felt coming home from Korea, Bob explained it was very tough for him. He said he had become attached to the men he had spent his time with and was saddened to leave them. He stated that he had met people from all over the county and their conversations were always interesting. Bob recalled one friend who was an architect, another who worked in the oil fields in Southern California, and a farmer he had met from North Carolina. Although they did keep in touch for a while after he returned home, Bob said they eventually lost touch over the years.

The team at Bratton Law Group would like to thank Bob for sharing his experiences with us and thank him for his service to our country. We are privileged to honor him this Veteran’s Day.

We would like to wish all who have served and all those who continue to serve a Happy Veterans Day! Thank you for your service.

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