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How Will Life Care Planning Benefit Me?

Life care planning offers a way for you to make decisions about both your current and future needs today. This allows you to continue to control your medical needs, quality of life, and asset management even if you are no longer able to make day-to-day decisions about your care.

We can also help you create a Life Care Plan for an aging loved one, or another family member who depends on you for care. Life care planning lets you ensure they remain in a safe and comfortable environment, get appropriate care, and maintain the highest level of quality of life possible.

What Needs Does a Life Care Plan Address?

Because a Life Care Plan is a comprehensive plan for both today and the future, it addresses a wide range of issues that you may face as you age. This includes several contingencies, considers your possible future needs, and puts a plan in place for the most likely scenarios. While the needs addressed can vary based on your diagnosis, current health, and financial situation, some of the most common needs our Life Care Plans address include:

  • Ensuring you or your loved one gets the appropriate and necessary level of care, both today and in the future
  • How to handle changing needs as impairments and/or necessary care increase
  • Maintaining the highest quality of life possible
  • Putting a plan in place that addresses contingencies whether you remain at home or need to move into an assisted living or nursing facility
  • Evaluating your possible qualifications for government benefits, including Medicaid and veterans’ disability benefits
  • Considering your funding options for current and future care expenses and other financial needs
  • Discussing your options for Medicaid planning, which may allow you to protect your assets and qualify for benefits sooner
  • Taking a weight off your family’s shoulders when it comes time to make decisions about your future care
  • Offering peace of mind about your own care or the safety and well-being of a beloved family member

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The Components of a Life Care Plan

Every Life Care Plan is different as these plans address your unique needs. Since your needs are not identical to anyone else’s, there is no one-size-fits-all plan for current and future care. Before we begin putting any part of your plan in place, we sit down with you and your loved ones and listen to what you have to say — your current needs, priorities, preferences, and goals. Only then will we begin choosing which components you need in your life care plan.

Some of the most common components we include in this type of comprehensive plan include:

  • Estate planning
  • Funding plans for long-term care
  • Medicaid planning
  • Asset preservation
  • Care coordination, now and for future care
  • Eldercare advocacy
  • Emergency crisis intervention
  • Health care and/or financial powers of attorney
  • Education and support of your loved ones

Let Bratton Law Group’s Life Care Planning Team Help You

Bratton Law Group offers a personalized approach to Life Care Planning. You will meet one-on-one with an elder care coordinator. This coordinator will manage every aspect of your case, guiding you through the process. You will have a caring, supportive person you can talk to about your plan, who can answer any questions or address any concerns.

Our Team Takes Your Needs into Account

We have an interdisciplinary Life Care Planning Team that consists of elder law attorneys, social workers, and a registered nurse. By using social workers to get to know your family, and learn as much as possible about your needs, we can address these sensitive subjects with compassion and understanding. Our registered nurse helps us predict your possible future care, and our life care planning attorneys use all the knowledge we gain to build a comprehensive plan that addresses all your family’s needs.

We will identify the legal strategies that allow us to address your changing medical, emotional, and social needs as the years pass. We can coordinate your care, and ensure you always receive the appropriate and necessary level of care for the rest of your life.

We Can Help in Emergency Situations

If your family member is currently in the middle of an emergency situation regarding their care or safety, we can even provide advocacy and crisis intervention as a part of our Life Care Planning services. Once we address their immediate needs, we can work with your family to create a plan that ensures this does not happen in the future.

Regardless of whether you come to us for a plan for your own future care or because a loved one has an advancing condition that requires additional care, we can offer every member of your family peace of mind.

Talk to a Life Care Planning Attorney in New Jersey About Your Needs

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