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Faced with the problem of having to place a Love one into a nursing facility is a stressful, emotional ordeal for the entire family. Where are the places close to the family that are safe, caring and affordable? What will happen to our home and the funds we saved for our retirement? How can I provide for others in the family? What effect will This have on our children and there lives? These and many more questions were answered in a clear understandable way when we met Charles Bratton from Bratton Law Group, Estate & Elder Care Planning Attorneys. They lifted the burden from our shoulders and guided us in finding a secure friendly facility for our Loved one and provided the legal documents to protect the family from future issues that might come up. The legal work aside, their Care Coordinator Anne a Markel-Crozier works to see all that has been planned is done. Thank you Bratton Law Group for helping us.
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